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See more ideas about nanday conure, conure, pet birds. Se hela listan på parrotsecrets.com A Nanday Conure is otherwise very adaptable and outgoing. It gets won’t to its owners quickly. Size: about 11–13 inches long, weighs about 5 ounces. Lifespan: about 20-30 years. Caring for the Nanday Conure. Since they’re extremely smart, Nanday Conure requires a good amount of socialization and mental stimulation.

Nanday conure

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It has a hint of bright red on the legs. Size: 13 inches Rio The Nanday Conure. 16 likes. Hi my name os Rio and I am almost 5 years old. My birthday is December 19th. I love to dance and talk and be on my mom everywhere she goes.

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Nanday conure

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Nanday conure

My birthday is December 19th. I love to dance and talk and be on my mom everywhere she goes. I have to best friends If you’re interested in a Nanday Conure and you live in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. At Victorian Bird Company we regularly have adorable Hand Raised Baby Nanday Conures who are SUPER TAME, make great companions and will sit on your shoulder and cuddle with you.This type of Nanday Conure is priced from $599-699 depending on the availability and time of the year. The Nanday Conure is a little dull when compared to the coloring of the Sun Conure and Jenday Conure, however he has a big personality to make up for this.
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Nanday conure

Jenday conure pairs generally keep their affectionate, well-trained pet characteristics if both birds get proper attention. They can also be housed with another type of conure, particularly sun, gold-capped, and blue-crowned conures. Two conure species can interbreed, however, hybridization taints an already limited gene pool; it is not Nanday Conure for Sale. Nanday Conure for Sale,the head is black, along with the cheeks and throat, which looks like a cap. The rest of the body is green, the throat and breast are blue, and the feet are red.

Hi my name os Rio and I am almost 5 years old.
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They are native to the Americas. They fall  20 Jun 2016 CONURE NANDAY : UN PERROQUET CHARMEUR. 5,684 views5.6K views. • Jun 20, 2016.