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Akrobat offers a wide range of self-retracting lifelines specifically designed for use in harsh and most challenging work environments such as construction, offshore and other industries. Durable, lightweight, easy-to-use and conforms to the standards and regulations. AK WR 100 06SELF RETRACTING LIFELINE. 6m of 17mm polyester webbing. Plastic housing. Swivel hook. Fall indicator.

Akrobat self retracting lifeline

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Anchor Points Custom Horizontal Lifeline Systems Custom Rigid Rail Systems Custom Guardrail Systems Custom Netting Systems. self retracting lifelines 15’ (4.5 m) 30’ (9 m) 50’ (15 m) 85’ (26 m) 130’ (39 m) 175’ (53 m) 3/16 (5 mm) galvanized/stainless steel cable stainless steel end-plate ss anchorage sling & 2 carabiners included aluminum housing self-locking swiveling hook 3,600 lb. (1633 kg) rated gate impact indicator on hook pivoting anchorage loop The 3M™ Nano-Lok™ Edge Self-retracting Lifeline was the first personal-style SRL designed for foot-level tie-off. It is ideal for many applications but is especially well suited for use in the construction industry where sharp edges and lack of overhead anchorage are common. Self-Retracting Lifelines, commonly called SRL's are a perfect solution for protection in many situations. See our selection of SRL's: OSHA requires that every piece of Fall Protection Equipment is inspected by the worker prior to use, and once a year by a competent inspector. This video sho connected self-retracting lifeline.

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Akrobat self retracting lifeline


skärpa acrobat : akrobat acrobatic : akrobatisk acrobatics : akrobatik acronym allow : låta, tillåta allow oneself something : unna sig något allowable lifeline : livlina lifelong : livslång lifespan : livslängd lifetime : livstid lift : hiss, lyfta retuschera retrace : spåra retract : dra tillbaka retractable : indragbart  acrobat : akrobat. acrobatic : allow oneself something : unna sig något. allowable : lifeline : livlina. lifelong : retractable : indragbart.

Akrobat self retracting lifeline

Self Retracting Lifeline – cable. Plastic casing Galvanised steel wire rope fall indicator. Made in EU – Akrobat brand. Product CE – Standard EN360. 20 meters of wire rope – weight : 11.25 kg.
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Akrobat self retracting lifeline

User-friendly, it is equipped with a centrifugal braking system with 2 pawls locking immediately in case of fall and with an internal energy dissipating element.

Durable, lightweight, easy-to-use and conforms to the standards and regulations. Self-Retracting Lifeline AK CR 220 10 AK CR 220 10 SELF RETRACTING LIFELINE - CABLE Ø 5 MM Plastic casing Stainless steel cable Fall indicator Length-10 m Weight-5.9 kg EN360 Made in Europe AK WR 100 06 SELF RETRACTING LIFELINE 6m of 17mm polyester webbing Plastic housing Swivel hook Fall indicator Weight- 1500 g EN360 Made in Europe AKROBAT PTE LTD 10, 15m Wire Cable Self Retracting Lifeline. Item Code: AK CR 250V 10, 15. Self Retracting Lifeline – Cable Ø 5 mm Built in brake with energy dissipating mechanism inside durable plastic housing.
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99. $338.96. $338.96. 15, 20m Wire Cable Self Retracting Lifeline. Item Code: AK FA 20 402 15, 20. Comes with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope of diam 4.5 mm.